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Are you looking for suggestions of dog names for your new Doberman?

Or do you want to change an older dog’s name to something different? These names for Doberman pinschers have been selected for their popularity, originality and for representing the qualities we love in our fine breed.

Perhaps you don’t like your current Gamertag, or maybe you are just starting, and you want a unique username.

Gamertags are used to identify players when they are playing online, and they are also used to identify your Xbox Live or PSN account as well as your Steam account.

This is why you must select a cool Gamertag; remember, what goes around, comes around.

In all honesty, I equally sucked at coming up with cool Gamertags until a call of duty legend taught me the methods she uses to find cool Gamertag ideas. Irrespective of what you need a username for, you will find this guide useful.

I personally don't want to make Alexis angry.""I feel like Annas are shy until you get them in the right crowd and then you're like, ' Anna!

With the jokes…'""Yeah, Annas are razor-sharp and witty/smart, but you need to draw it out of them.""You know Anna's gonna graduate at LEAST magna cum laude.""I would name my daughter Anna.""I would let your daughter Anna date my son." "Beth only wears floral print.""The 'th' at the end is very biblical.""Beth is the nice friend in the group that you never want to hook up with.""Are there any twentysomething Barbaras?

To be honest, it’s not the fact that you were killed that stays with you; it’s the fact that their Gamertag was so brutally Badass that it resonates with you. When someone with a Gamertag that says “Ikill Dumb Gamers” kills you, logic subtly points out that you a dumb player.) Chronicles of Riddick Runnin’ Fools Over Like Christine (If we have to explain this one to you, then you don't deserve to have a team name this cool.) Boom Boom Powell Keep Choppin’ Woodhead Bringin’ the Woodhead Take ‘em to the Woodhead Land of the Freeman Parker/Lewis Can’t Lose (Is it worth overdrafting De Vante Parker and an injured Dion Lewis just to get this team name?We say "yes".) Murray Convention (When you think about it, this might be the most intimidating name on the list.MORE: Ultimate fantasy cheat sheet You can go a lot of different directions with your team name. 2016 FANTASY FOOTBALL RANKINGS: Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker Many of our suggestions are dated references to '90s rap, so if you're into dated references to '90s rap, you're in luck!Make it an inside and/or insulting joke for the other people in your league; try out a pun based on a pop culture reference or one of your players; or just come up with a name that sounds cool and intimidating (if such a thing exists for fantasy football). If you're not, we have some other ideas that might work or spark a better idea, including many we suggested last year.So here are some of the best Doberman dog name ideas.