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When Rancho Niguel, one of the original Spanish land grants of the 1800’s, was purchased for residential development in the 1960s, Monarch Bay Plaza was built to serve the residents of the nearby communities.
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Salman Rushdie is favourite with Midnight's Children, and you can vote online now. Your own preference – Pi, say, or Amsterdam by Ian Mc Ewan – may not be available for selection. Since running away to London as a penniless teenager she has been a rock wife (divorced from Richard Jobson of the Skids by 21) a music business PR (for Live Aid and Comic Relief, among others) a manager (for her friend and fellow former party girl Patsy Kensit) a newspaper agony aunt, an interviewer and a television star. I have never talked about my sex life." Plenty of other people have, I say. "I recognise my old self in a lot of the letters I get from single women who are unrealistic about what they want." Like marrying and settling down with a certain Hollywood star.The contenders have already been cut down to a shortlist of six, by a panel of three judges including Mariella Frostrup. And I want to raise it, but I just can't seem to focus on that for thinking reprehensibly rude thoughts about George and Mariella. She has the best little black book in town: Gordon and Sarah Brown are long-time mates; she shares an office with Richard Curtis and hangs out with Mick Jagger; and then there is George. "This is a common feminine fantasy," she says, "although he has said on numerous occasions that he wants nothing of the kind." They didn't have that conversation then?

Mariella Frostrup is fussing about her children's Uncle George."The stuff in italics is dreadful tosh," she says of The Life of Pi. I started skipping."This is very bad news for the author, Yann Martel, as it means he is not going to win the Best of the Booker, arguably the most prestigious literary prize ever awarded in this country. We must look thick as thieves, huddled in the corner of a members' club in Notting Hill, west London (her natural habitat). Mariella Frostrup has all the attributes of a potential best pal.The winner will be announced on Thursday, once the public has elected the finest of the 41 novels to have won the Booker Prize. But now I remember reading about her working the same magic on other journalists. That voice makes the 45-year-old sound like someone who has seen the world, could drink you under the table and has stories to tell. "I wouldn't tell them if I had sex with John who lives down the road." Yes, but this is not John. And anyway, isn't it a bit rich not to want to talk about sex when your own advice column depends on people writing in to confess all? " And anyway, she says, she writes less about what goes on in the bed, and more about the head.They met in the Himalayas, when she was taking a few months out to contemplate life. She had them quite late, but we're not going to discuss that. She would have got just as far if she'd stayed mousey, been four stone overweight, or had a 'tache on her top lip, right? " She was linked, falsely or not, to some of the most eligible men around, including Chris Evans and Sir Mick. Who are you, Mariella Frostrup, to tell us what to read?"I love my children, but I don't really want to talk about them. "Whereas George's career as an actor is very dependent on how he looks. The other judges for Best of the Booker are Victoria Glendinning, the award-winning biographer and critic; and Professor John Mullan of University College, London. "I am much more enthusiastic than I am academic," she admits.We have seen her transition from thirtysomething girl-about-town on George Clooney’s arm (whether their relationship was ever more than platonic, she won’t say) to fiftysomething mother of two equally at home in the city and now the countryside.