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Long winters, reserved demeanors and inescapable exes are reasons why people say Portland can be a difficult place to date. With more than 15,000 residents ages 20 to 34 and unmarried – about a quarter of the city’s adult population – the concentration of young, single people is about the same in Portland as it is in New York City, and is twice as high as in Maine as a whole.

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Mozilla's open-source, cross-platform email client, Thunderbird, is a popular alternative to Microsoft's Outlook and a favorite of many small businesses.

Described by the tech media website CNET as "flexible, powerful and lightweight," the application is impressive, but not always intuitive for the user.

After a standard system update you need to restart Thunderbird to makeall the necessary changes.

I'm an IT person and a writer, and I change machines a lot.

If you have the Quick Books Automatic Update feature enabled, Quick Books will download updates and then tell you that they are ready to install.

There are times when you do NOT want to install an automatic update, but the message will keep nagging you. First, some background on Quick Books Automatic Updates.

[email protected] tom.swartz07 thanks @ philinux I purged TB Cannot see a config folder in home In synaptic can only see TB2 not TB3 listed Reinstalled TB via terminal using sudo apt-get install thunderbird result original problem Purged TB again Tried sudo apt-get install thunderbird-3.0.1 Result: Couldn't find package thunderbird-3.0.1 thunderbird-3.0.1bz2 is in Downloads When I double-click on it I see a folder called thunderbird in a window showing location root / Should I be trying to browse to it from synaptics in order to get the package listed?

It is highly possible that the newest version of TB in the repositories is not the most recent version.

Based in Southern California, Lynette Arceneaux has worked as a writer and editor since 1995.One very important thing I must be able to do is drag my Thunderbird information along with me to my new machine.I don't want to have to re-configure my Thunderbird accounts and/or lose all the email I saved into various folders and sub-folders.I downloaded and double-clicked on thunderbird-3.0.1bz2 At the command-line I typed: sudo apt-get install thunderbird Then Applications Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News whenever I click on the link the following message is displayed: Close Thunderbird Thunderbird is already running, but is not responding. Am using Ctrl Alt F1 to access the shell and then Ctrl Alt F7 to revert back to the gui. Tried top but could not see anything saying thunderbird. Had already tried killall thunderbird (sorry I forget to mention it) result no process found ps aux | grep thunderbird produced result ubuntu 2388 0.0 0.0 3036 796 tty1 S 0.00 grep --color=auto thunderbird (thunderbird is red) Is that what you would expect?To open a new window, you must first close the existing Thunderbird process, or restart you computer. I have looked in: System Processes but there does not seem to be any process to end, other than the one that produces the message! You can use the 'top' command to display running processes, maybe you find the pid of the running thunderbird there, then you can kill it with the 'kill' command. If that does not work, try 'ps aux | grep thunderbird'. For cut and paste in the terminal you need ctrl shift c and ctrl shift v. What is also useful is that the up / down cursor arrows scroll through the last commands given in the terminal.The profile folder will be named a random string of characters and will be housed in a different location depending upon the platform.